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July 24 2016

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Bitti içimdeki yaşamak arzusu anne
Yoruldum ama korkma düşmem !.

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Mushroom Pieces by Eveline Tarunadjaja, one of my absolute favorites

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Ferdy Remijn ferdyremijn

Night meeting

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The trees of Liu Maoshan, just luv ‘m

July 12 2016

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The Awakened Anthurium

May 12 2016

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… !!!

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Wang Yu Yuan(汪钰元 Chinese, b.1943)

here, here, here and here   

March 12 2016

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February 07 2016

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By Verboden voor Mannen                        

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by Katia Chausheva

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September 20 2015

September 07 2015

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Dreamlike and Poetic Photographs by Bleeblu  and  Moon

La faune et la flore and Singularity is a series of photographs born from the collaboration of three artists, American photographer Mark Harless aka Bleeblu, the French illustrator Moon and photographer Molly Strohl, who combined their talents to create these captivating pictures.  via

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home - run with us.

posted by Margaret

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